Where to begin?

Once upon a time… er, … It was a dark and stormy night… , er, wait a minute!

I may be naïve but my instinct is that it is not the first clause of the first sentence that truly matters in this case. This is a story about life, my life, and maybe in some cases, your life too. If it is, then maybe we can help each other out along the way. Such a thing ought not to hang on just those first few words. Instead, it will unfold — just like a life should.So what aspects of life will we be exploring? Well, it will start with a fair bit of heaviness, including work upheaval, underemployment, fiscal concerns, fiscal security, Alzheimer’s, long-distance relocation, cancer, loneliness, depression, and hard work. it might be a bit tough going, but this blog is about life and life is often about tough going. Not all of this blog will be written like this. As much as I can I will try to post videos, but be advised that I am in a very remote place right now and internet access is sometimes tenuous.

I am hoping this blog will become less of a monologue and more of a conversation. And maybe even a meetup from time to time — more on that later. In the meantime, welcome, and thank you for joining me.


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