The Five Ws of Winging It

I get a lot of questions about this blog these days so it seems wise to cover some of the basics. In journalistic terms we call ‘the who, what, when, where, and why,’ the five Ws.

Who is me, Mark Frost, and my little brother Cosmo, the whippet. We are inseparable friends and we are integral to each other’s story.

What, is this blog called Winging It. It is a collection of writings about loss and resilience. It is a self-help blog insofar as it is me trying to help myself understand and learn from my recent experiences of both catastrophic loss and resilience in the face of it. If it resonates with others to the point it helps them, then that is an added bonus. And if it resonates with you, please comment and let me know.

When is since November 2018. Cosmo and I finally found a home after losing ours to a lava flow in early June, 2018. Winging It will carry on until the words and readers no longer come.

Where is our home in Italy. It is a rustic farm in Tuscany, northeast of Florence near the village of Vicchio. It is a property I bought in 1999 but never lived in fulltime. But with the loss of Kipuka in Hawaii, it has become my home. Cosmo and I are incredibly fortunate to have this place as it gives us that long sought after feeling of being home. We need it now more than ever before.

Why is the most important of the Ws and deserves some attention. In 2014 I lost my wife Larissa to cancer. I’ve been trying to pull my through the bereavement experience ever since with some success and some failure. In 2018 I then lost my home and with it my livelihood and most of my life savings. Shortly thereafter I lost my nearest and dearest relationship since the loss of Larissa. This loss could not be blamed on cancer or a natural disaster — it was entirely of my own undoing. I had unlearned how to be a good man. So Winging It is my way to unveil these Ws piece by piece and understand them to such a degree that I can learn from them and move forward in a better way.

2 thoughts on “The Five Ws of Winging It

  1. Mark…..your a brave soul. You have had tragic loss….but it takes someone very special to face these life changes whilst sharing and baring the soul.


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