Are You Ready?

Coaching requires two things more than anything else — that you find the right coach, and that you are ready and willing to be coached. The world is full of folks who think they would love to have a professional coach at their side. Sadly, a large portion of those, if they had such a coach, probably would not benefit much from the experience. With the huge array of different kinds of coaches out there it is hard enough to simply find one that clicks with you. But what is often the real challenge is being ready and willing to give what it takes to make such a relationship work. So while we encourage you to assess coaches to find one you feel might be a good fit, before you get started, ask yourself whether or not you are really ready to open up and take the journey. A good coach is not just a sympathetic ear. A good coach is also a guide and will challenge your perceptions, your behaviours. To do that, you will need to open up and be ready to embrace whatever comes out.