How Do We Start Coaching?

Executive Coaching is an effective way of providing focused, personal development for those seeking to build their competence as leaders and managers. Coaching should build your competence and confidence and support you in achieving your full potential. It all starts with a chat and a contract.

The contract

A contract is exchanged, after our first meeting to determine if we are a good fit, and prior to commencement of work. The contract will cover payment and invoicing arrangements, cancellation fees etc. We will also contract less formally each time we meet to agree the focus and scope of that meeting.

We will have one introductory session of around one hour before the commitment to the coaching contract is made.

The work you do with Wonky is confidential. However, it is important that we are able to assess the impact and effectiveness of the coaching so we both would be required to complete an assessment at the end of the coaching engagement.