Other Development Options

In-house development professionals

They can help you to decide whether to use a coach or whether there is an alternative development approach e.g. executive development programme. They can also help you to think through your goals so that you are better prepared for meeting and choosing a coach.

Employee Assistance Programmes

These confidential employee assistance services provide professional and confidential support where situations at work or at home are making it difficult for you to cope or perform effectively.

Occupational Health Services

These professionals will see people quickly and confidentially, they are experienced in dealing with stress and illness at work.

Other development options

Coaching is a great approach to development where the development goal is particular to you and the means of achieving it is within your control. The assumption in coaching is that you have the basic knowledge, but need support to bring your learning effectively into your performance at work.

Where your development goal requires further knowledge, it may be more appropriate to seek training or learning through internal or external programmes.

Sometimes the development goal is dependent on team or relationship performance – where this is the case it may be more appropriate to work with a facilitator or Organisational Development consultant who can work with both you and the group / team members to achieve their potential.