Is Coaching For Me?

We would all agree that there are times during our working lives where things are just not quite right. It is particularly at such times that coaching can be extremely valuable. No career is a straight shot to ultimate success, however you measure that. There will be bumps and hurdles along the way. These hurdles can be professional or personal. It could be an issue of substance or alcohol abuse or some form of family stress that has come to threaten your effectiveness in the workplace or perhaps your very livelihood itself. Or maybe a personal or professional loss that left you feeling stunned or stuck. Perhaps there is or has been some inappropriate behaviours performed by you or others under your command? Or it could be something more subtle such as being passed over for an assignment, transfer or promotion you felt was your due. Whatever the case, this is a good time not to try to figure things out in the echo chamber of your own thoughts. This is a great time to get a trusted partner who can support and challenge you through this difficult time. A second set of eyes and ears at times like this can make all the difference.

But things in your career don’t have to be Wonky for there to be a benefit to some coaching. The best athlete in the world often doesn’t come into her own until she meets the right coach, who can help her find that extra ten percent. The same is true of the best executives. Something powerful happens when a talented exec teams up with a coach of quality and develop an effective alliance. Imagine if you had an experienced professional in your corner, ready to talk whenever you need him, to bounce ideas, validate thinking, challenge and support you? Sometimes what is needed to make a good career a great career is having a team approach.

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