Like most people, I embarked on adulthood with a plan. Then life came along to remind me how silly most plans are. Life is random and both goes along with, and defies our plans. Like billions of others like me, I've learned this at the sharp end of life. But I am learning to live with it. So let's do what humans are good at and communicate with one another to make sense of this aspect of life.

Other Development Options

In-house development professionals They can help you to decide whether to use a coach or whether there is an alternative development approach e.g. executive development programme. They can also help you to think through your goals so that you are better prepared for meeting and choosing a coach. Employee Assistance Programmes These confidential employee assistance […]


Pre-Coaching Considerations

Clear Purpose The most effective coaching takes place when we are clear about the change or difference you are seeking. This may be straightforward, e.g. Demonstrating a particular leadership competence in the workplace Helping to create an effective personal plan for transition into a new role Preparing for a significant career event Guidance and support […]


How Do We Start Coaching?

Executive Coaching is an effective way of providing focused, personal development for those seeking to build their competence as leaders and managers. Coaching should build your competence and confidence and support you in achieving your full potential. It all starts with a chat and a contract. The contract A contract is exchanged prior to meeting […]


Are You Ready?

Coaching requires two things more than anything else — that you find the right coach, and that you are ready and willing to be coached. The world is full of folks who think they would love to have a professional coach at their side. Sadly, a large portion of those, if they had such a […]


My Soul Has a Hat

“I counted my years and I found that I have less time to live from here on than I have experienced until now.I feel like that child who won a packet of sweets: the first ones eats them with pleasure, but when he realized that few were left he began to taste them intensely.”