You Can ‘Wing It’ Too

One of the things I have discovered in the short time since starting the blog, Winging It, is that though the details of my experience are unique to me, many of the core elements are very cohort indeed. And it was brought to my attention that, if it feels good to me to get some of this off my chest, and even more so if in the process the words are useful to someone else, perhaps others should feel free to do the same… right here.
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Mogamma 2.0

Egypt’s, “The Mogamma,” seems to have opened a branch office in Vicchio. The Mogamma is an infamous building in Cairo which houses 30,000 civil servants representing just about every sector of the government. It is famed within the country as the nexus of catastrophically burdensome bureaucracy. It is often said that many poor citizens have entered and never found their way out again, much like the paperwork that is the life blood of the place. Continue reading “Mogamma 2.0”

Where to begin?

Once upon a time… er, … It was a dark and stormy night… , er, wait a minute!

I may be naïve but my instinct is that it is not the first clause of the first sentence that truly matters in this case. This is a story about life, my life, and maybe in some cases, your life too. If it is, then maybe we can help each other out along the way. Such a thing ought not to hang on just those first few words. Instead, it will unfold — just like a life should. Continue reading “Where to begin?”