The ‘Awfulizing’ Leader

As a change-agent coach, it is common for me to come across leaders who report being told they over-react to situations. When asked if they believe the accusation, few admit they do. At first, that is. But when pressed, most admit that they do, but don't see that as a problem. In fact, many say it helps them temper their otherwise possibly more rash impulses. This rationalisation, and what it masks is something that deserves closer scrutiny.

How to Avoid DIY and Anything Else

So now you have some idea of what I mean by life's hammer. More than likely you have already experienced it. To reiterate, it is not just what we might call catastrophic loss (but it could be). It could be any setback in life. But what really defines life's hammer is how you react to the setback. So, it's not the setback itself that gives the hammer its power of impact -- it is how we perceive the setback that gives it the power. let me explain...

Other Development Options

In-house development professionals They can help you to decide whether to use a coach or whether there is an alternative development approach e.g. executive development programme. They can also help you to think through your goals so that you are better prepared for meeting and choosing a coach. Employee Assistance Programmes These confidential employee assistance … Continue reading Other Development Options

Are You Ready?

Coaching requires two things more than anything else -- that you find the right coach, and that you are ready and willing to be coached. The world is full of folks who think they would love to have a professional coach at their side. Sadly, a large portion of those, if they had such a … Continue reading Are You Ready?

The Five Ws

I get a lot of questions about this blog these days so it seems wise to cover some of the basics. In journalistic terms we call 'the who, what, when, where, and why,' the five Ws.

Winging what?

Pamela Druckerman wrote a fantastic piece in the New York Times entitled "What You Learn In Your Forties." She imparts plenty of bullet points of wisdom in the article with one in particular that jumps out. "Everyone is winging it, some just do it more confidently." This is in essence the starting premise of this site. No one is perfect, there are no … Continue reading Winging what?