Mea Culpa

Thanks to your help I have discovered that commenting was not enabled for my recent posts. I have rectified that. It seems the default setting is commenting off and I had assumed it was on. Apologies for that as some of you have contacted me and shared some amazingly resonant stories i hope you will share with others on by entering your story or comment in the comment at the bottom of the relevant page. If you are still having difficulties let me know and I shall help.

The Five Ws

I get a lot of questions about this blog these days so it seems wise to cover some of the basics. In journalistic terms we call 'the who, what, when, where, and why,' the five Ws.

The Two Homes

It’s been a long day at the salt mines. And like most such days it was filled with the usual joys, disappointments and petty maneuverings that make work such a mediocre place to spend such a large portion of one’s life. But at least the day is over. Thankfully the day was punctuated by numerous … Continue reading The Two Homes

Mogamma 2.0

Egypt's, "The Mogamma," seems to have opened a branch office in Vicchio. The Mogamma is an infamous building in Cairo which houses 30,000 civil servants representing just about every sector of the government. It is famed within the country as the nexus of catastrophically burdensome bureaucracy. It is often said that many poor citizens have … Continue reading Mogamma 2.0

Where to begin?

This is a story about life, my life, and maybe in some cases, your life too. If it is, then maybe we can help each other out along the way.