What I Do

The shortest way to describe what I do is to call it Executive Coaching. But there are many definitions for that term — it has become an imprecise label. In my case it is a psychologically based, therapeutic practise aimed at people who are facing significant change in their lives. These could be any of the more common, acute issues such as financial pressures, relationship woes, health problems, redundancy, etc. But it could equally stem from other issues such as substance abuse, addictive behaviours, bullying, sexual harassment, burnout, depression, detachment.

Wonky is my therapeutic practise specialising in helping people who are facing such change horizons. I am not a guru. I don’t tell clients what to do. Leaders don’t need or want to be told what to do. It wouldn’t work even if they did. And if they wanted to be told what to do, are they really leaders?

No, I am not a guru. I am a counsellor, a guide, a wingman. If there is a guru it is inside yourself. My job is to help you find that inner guru and strike up a useful relationship with it.

So how do we do it? Well, it starts with a relationship. We must find out if we are able to establish the kind of working alliance that is necessary for this kind of work. On top of this we need to be sure you are ready for this kind of work. It can be difficult work sometimes. You will have to look at yourself as you might never have before. You may find things about yourself you do not like. You may need to face elements of your past that are still affecting your present. This kind of work always demands a willingness and ability to embrace discomfort