What I Do

I offer my services in integrated, relational coaching. My purpose is to increase your performance through the development of greater self awareness and effective behaviours. One-on-one coaching is a therapeutic process that both supports and challenges you. It is at its heart, a working alliance between us. The common driver for coaching is a need for change, no matter what the impetus behind the change may be, quality coaching can help. For more details, please give me a call or drop a line today and let’s talk.


Need another perspective? Seeking some validation of your perceptions and thoughts? Need someone to call to help analyse a tough meeting or a big success? Call me.


Feeling as though things frequently aren’t going your way, or that colleagues don’t value you in the way you think they ought to? Sometimes a bit of support for the things you are likely doing right is not enough. Sometimes you need a trusted coach to challenge you on how you see things and how you behave.


Sometimes you need a trusted confidant to help guide you through delicate and critical moments. It is times like these especially when the wisdom and experiences of others can help you navigate.

Passionate about helping individuals and teams reach higher levels of performance and career satisfaction